At this time, the Tabla Rasa Gallery policy for the preliminary review of work is submitted on line with a
subject line "(your name) Artwork submission" to
Gallery Image Submission E-MAIL LINK


Please include your contact information.

Thank you for your interest in showing at Tabla Rasa Gallery
in SPArC (Sunset Park Arts Community).

Submission e-mail link


Tabla Rasa Gallery requests that artists please take some time to familiarize themselves
 with the artwork shown on our website prior to sending a submission.
Kindly follow the guidelines to keep this process simple, direct, and focused on the artwork.


NO ATTACHMENTS PLEASE - No Downloads will be reviewd.

1 Include your name and all contact information in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment.

2 Write "submission," some descriptive keywords (such as media, style, theme or scale)
 and your name in the subject line for our future reference.

3 Send DIRECT LINKS to the images that you would like us to see in the body of the email.
We will not search entire websites. Please test your image links prior to sending. Do not attach jpgs.
Tabla Rasa will NOT download your images.
If your work is not posted online anywhere for you to link, you may send one or two printed materials, or a CD,
via land mail. Include your contact information. These materials will NOT be returned.

4 Do not send attachments of resume or articles. We are interested in seeing the artwork only, at this time.
You may include one or two sentences in the body of your email, about the artwork or about yourself as the artist
(such as unusual material, subject, background experience or scale) ONLY if you feel it may not be evident from the images.

Thank you for your interest in submitting artwork to Tabla Rasa Gallery.
 We appreciate your efforts to comply with these guidelines.

Due to an abundance of inquiries, Tabla Rasa Gallery is unable to formally respond to all submissions.


Tabla Rasa Gallery 224 48th Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11220
Sunset Park ARts Community ( SPArC )
718 833,9100   fax 718.833.9118

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